IASGP - International Association for the Study of German Politics


Welcome to the International Association for the Study of German Politics (IASGP). The Association devotes itself to the academic study of the politics, economics, international relations and society of contemporary Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is the result of a merger between the UK-based Association for the Study of German Politics (ASGP) and the US-based German Politics Association. As such, we are one of the world's only transatlantic academic subject associations.

We organise regular conferences and workshops both in the UK and US, as well as running a regular trip to observe the German federal elections. But most of all, we publish the prestigious scholarly journal German Politics, which is the premier English-language outlet for high-quality academic social science research on Germany.

We are always delighted to receive new applications for membership, and hope that you will find our work of interest.

Professor Dan Hough (University of Sussex) Chair, IASGP

Please visit our News section to learn more about upcoming conferences, recent publications and more news on the IASGP.

We are now welcoming both paper proposals and indeed panel proposals. Please do send either a 250 word (max) paper abstract or a panel outline to Dan Hough (d.t.hough@sussex.ac.uk) by 28th February 2018.

The IASGP's Members Section is now live. Feel free to use your login and password to browse the available resources that are now available. The members section of the website will continue to expand in the weeks and months ahead, so please continue to check it regularly...