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For some years, the IASGP has permitted its members to bid for workshop funding, where this may lead to a special issue of German Politics (for sums up to £1,500). In practice take-up of this has been quite limited, and we are now advised by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal that there is no shortage of special issue proposals, and indeed having this requirement for seminar funding may be unhelpful to the purposes of the journal (with applicants feeling they need to have a full special issue proposal rather than a smaller “symposium” of pieces, for example.

In addition, there are three other dimensions worthy of consideration:

  • The IASGP is now in a buoyant financial position, with a healthy amount of funding coming in every year.
  • At the same time, numbers attending our annual conference are in decline, and it is often observed that a focus on single-countries (including Germany or other German-speaking countries) may be regarded as rather unfashionable in our discipline. There is therefore a risk of the IASGP’s bank balance growing, but fewer people being active in our sub-discipline, and those that are being less supported by their institutions.
  • The 2017 and 2018 annual conferences both gave a clear steer that they wished funding to be made available for a wider range of purposes.


The previous seminar fund should be expanded to a “project fund”. Applicants may apply at any time for a sum up to £2000, or exceptionally £4000, to support work in the field of German Politics. This may include organising a workshop or seminar, organising a public-facing event, or conducting individual fieldwork in Germany (for which the maximum sum payable would normally be £1000) and it will be welcome if there is matched funding from another source. These are intended as examples, and we are willing to consider supporting any proposals which further the aims of the association.

Priority will be given to doctoral students, early career scholars (especially those without a permanent employment contract), and those who are unable to access appropriate funding at their own institutions. We would expect those organising events to be mindful of ensuring scholars of different backgrounds and career stages are heard (for instance, we would not normally be supportive of all-male panels of speakers, and would encourage the inclusion of doctoral students and early career researchers in their bids). We would also encourage bids to consider involving participants from several countries, thus expanding existing networks. If a bid is made for a seminar, we would normally expect an open call for participation to go out via the IASGP’s mailing list.

At a minimum, applicants should state in their application the benefit to the IASGP (we would expect to receive a report on the event within four weeks of the event, and the IASGP’s name and logo to be highlighted in any publicity and to be acknowledged in any publications), as well as giving a precise account of costs. Consideration should be given to whether written outputs might merit publication in the journal German Politics, although other publication outputs would be considered (including, for instance, blog posts on one-off, public-facing events, or an edited volume). For all cases, we would expect applicants to endeavour to commit to attending the IASGP’s annual conference and, where appropriate, sharing the findings of research at that event in the form of a paper. Previous conference attendance should also be taken into account. It will be welcome if applicants encourage participants in any events to consider joining the IASGP.

Proposals should be submitted to the IASGP co-ordinator (intasgp@gmail.com) and a decision will be taken by not fewer than three members of the IASGP executive, normally with a period of four weeks. Reasons for rejection will be given, as will guidance on whether a future re-submission will be considered appropriate.

Ed Turner


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